The Gastric Bypass

The most widely used method in bariatric surgery

What is a gastric bypass?

This treatment is a surgical procedure used to treat obesity. It is used in obesity surgery and, in addition to reducing weight, it is also used to combat the health problems that obesity brings with it.

Gastric bypass surgery costs and services

Gastric Bypass

  • preoperative examinations
  • anesthesia
  • surgery
  • interpreter in the clinic
  • medication after the operation
  • transfer service (airport-hotel, hotel-clinic)
  • overnight in hospital and hotel
  • food supplements
  • post-operative care
  • nutritional advice

from 4.590 €


A gastric bypass is the most commonly performed weight loss operation alongside the sleeve stomach. The success rate for fighting obesity is 60 to 70%.

Not only does this method achieve weight loss, it also improves many obesity-related health problems. For example, the risk of heart attack or diabetes is reduced.


Since not only food intake is reduced, but also nutrient intake, patients may have to consume vitamins and protein for life.

The occurrence of the so-called dumping syndrome is also observed in patients. These include diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal discomfort right after the meal

With gastric bypass surgery, a gastroscopy is no longer possible.

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